I'm getting hammered by some people for my proposal that liberals and conservatives stage comparable relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina victims.

One of the conservative bloggers I approached with this idea sent an e-mail that's still cooling off:

You're sick ... trying to make a competition out of other's suffering. You should be ashamed of yourself.

As I told him, competing to outraise another group is a routine charity practice. Look at all the weblogs in competition on TLB's Blog for Relief page. A big reason to rank blogs publicly like that is to spur people to dig deeper into their pockets and help the home team.

Liberal Blogs for Hurricane Relief has raised $127,000 in 36 hours. That's not bad, but I think we could raise a lot more by having conservatives to challenge us. Besides, any reason to help these people is a good reason. I was glad to discover TLB's efforts this afternoon and see the reported donations of $500,000 from a largely conservative roster of weblogs.

In the interest of balance, I did receive a nice e-mail from Hugh Hewitt, the conservative author whose next book is titled Demoncraps: How to Get Around God's Prohibition Against Abortion When Liberalism is Detected in the Womb.

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