Katrina Volunteers Needed in Houston

The water overflowing through the broken levee on Lake Pontchartrain has crested, which gives officials a better chance to complete the evacuation of New Orleans and end the increasingly post-apocalyptic situation in the city.

A server admin holed up in the central business district reports no increase in flooding.

The evacuees in the Superdome, who number more than 23,000, are being taken by bus to the Houston Astrodome.

The Red Cross in Houston needs volunteers to help these people. Call (713) 526-8300 to register as a volunteer with the Greater Houston Area Chapter of the Red Cross. There's also a phone bank set up at (713) 313-5480 and people can donate directly to this chapter.

The Red Cross expects the Katrina effort to be the largest mobilization in its 124-year history.

Here in Jacksonville, residents were just asked to turn up our air conditioning to conserve electricity. The shutdown of natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico may cause fuel shortages.

I know there's a weird aversion to '70s-style energy conservation in this country, but I suspect that those of us in Southern states spared by Katrina can help by reducing our consumption during this crisis.


How's the fuel situation in Jax? Here in Orlando, I'm seeing stations out of gas already and local news is reporting central FL counties may not be able to run any vehicles other than essential police/emergency. This includes school buses, marine patrol over the holiday weekend, and others.

I don't see why the entire country shouldn't be conserving energy, especially after this latest kick in the pants.

Unfortunately, whenever I see something like a Chrysler 300 barelling down I-95 at 90 mph, I realize there are plenty of people with more money than sense.

Creat a national list of retired able body Police and Fire personal renewable each year for City State and National Disasters such as "Katrina"
These men and women have so much to offer thru their career experiences and specialization. They can assist Cross Police and Dister help.

Tallahassee is seeing a similar gas shortage, though it seems to me that it's being caused by the sudden surge of people rushing to top off their tanks after hearing that there might be shortages, rather than by an actual diminishment of supply.

We're panicky little sheep, and we gotta have our gas! (Full disclosure: I'm one of the sheep, but the fuel light was on, and I do have to get to work somehow. Baaaah...)

I want to volunteer, please tell me how

Find your local Red Cross chapter on that page and call them up. I bet someone there will be able to point you in the proper direction.

In my Temple last night, the Rabbi appealed for donations of money, food & clothing. We all rose to sing "God Bless America", to show our support. Collections are made all over NYC & all over AMerica.
You are not alone.
Try to find a spark among the ashes.

In my Temple last night, the Rabbi appealed for donations of money, food & clothing. We all rose to sing "God Bless America", to show our support. Collections are made all over NYC & all over AMerica.
You are not alone.
Try to find a spark among the ashes.

We might be in the so called third word but can volunteer to give counselling as pastors and help the believed families.
please if you need over 100 pastors to help,contact Pastor Isaac T.N of World Revival Church

I'm out of work and currently living with a friend as I have no place of my own. I'd like to physically help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Is there anyway I can volunteer and find any organizations from West Virginia to ride there with?

any one who can please come to mississippi and volunteer , please do so , I am trying to build a house on my own, i was able to purchase the wood and cement to do my foundation this week. but i do not have an air conditioning unit, i need electrical and plumbing , insulation and drywall, roofing, i need 1 toilet a water heater etc. i have no money left , everything fema gave us went to buy the wood and cement for footings, it came to 17,500. so i am broke. if you can donate Home Depo gift cards or come down here yourself and just work, any help would be appreciated. I can even find lodging for you, and feed you. we have great shrimp po-boys here. my address is 4265 Pacific St.
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520. god bless.

My husband and I are physically rebuilding our home since Katrina took everything that we owned.Contrary to popular belief, Fema has given very little help. All of the money that we worked so hard to save, has gone toward the framing of our home. We have exhausted all of our resources and are in desperate need of help. If anyone can donate building materials that would allow us to finish our home they would be greatly appreciated.Fema will begin collection of the campers that so many of us now call home, in Feb. 07. Without donations, I'am sure that our home will not be liveable by then. I can be reached at Imgizzmosmom@aim.com and my address is 6130 East Holmes St. Bay St. Louis Ms. 39520. Thank You for any help!

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