I own a Linksys WRT54G, a 802.11g wireless access point, router, and four-port 10/100 Ethernet switch that runs Linux.

InfoWorld columnist Robert X. Cringley singes the praises of the WRT54G, which is an amazing little Linux device that can be hacked to function as an Internet server. I've been using it on a Windows XP network to share a broadband Internet connection over several wired and wireless PCs around the house.

As amazing as this device is, I learned something this morning: Even when you have reset the modem, tested all the cord connetions, reset the router, and set the proper Ethernet mode, the WRT54G performs poorly when it has been filled with cat vomit.


Yeah, that sucks. You should get a refund! ;-)

I don't believe you. Pictures please.

Could be worse. Could be this guy.

Yeow. I have one of those too. I'd better take immediate defensive action. Perhaps I'll wrap the whole thing in duct tape.Oh yeah, I forgot. I don't have a cat, or a dog, or any other vomit-prone pet, and my kids are past that stage. If I can just keep the raccoons from getting in again I won't need the duct tape.

I had the same thing happen to a monitor that happened to your router. I returned home from a trip, sat at my computer, turned on the monitor. It flickered to life and then
A Star Trek plume of smoke mushroomed from the top and the thing went dead. I stood up and looked at the top to see that the cat-- in a room full of options-- chose to puke into the grating of my monitor.
I was able to clean it out and it worked for a long time afterwards.

that's why I hate cats +) I have a dog btw ...

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