In the early '90s I was an editor of StarText, the pre-web online edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

One of the most popular features I introduced on StarText was goodnews, a keyword where readers were always guaranteed to find a non-depressing news story.

A wire story today reminded me of that keyword -- a 400-foot tall waterfall has been discovered in a northern California recreational area:

Until recently, very few had seen the roaring water that tumbles three tiers before pouring neatly into Crystal Creek. That such a spectacle should evade even park officials for nearly 40 years is remarkable, said park superintendent Jim Milestone.

"It wasn't on a map, no one on the trail crew knew about it. People who been here 27 years had never seen it," said Milestone, who is leading an effort to clear a trail to the newly named Whiskeytown Falls.


I adopted the TAG URI scheme for guid values a while back. The link element contains each entry's permalink. How does that make it harder to link to Workbench?

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