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I know that Dukakis, Clinton and Kerry all experienced bad PR from photographs but I cannot for the life of me recall a bad PR photograph instance for Perot.

Gore was given hell for his trout mouth licking of Tipper on a stage one evening but the video was the key. I do not believe that the still photos of the event were much to talk about.

All but Perot have had Bush problems one way or another. One in particular with a small "b".

You have two Massholes, one weird Texan and two southerners. Perot wasn't a Democrat and Clinton actually won so you can't be saying that the Dems need a Midwesterner to win so there goes Obama's chances.

Where exactly are you going with this Carnak?

That's my presidential voting history. Yours?

Had I been old enough to vote at the time I would have voted for Dukakis. My AP classes in school at the time performed a moderated debate in front of the entire school in the auditorium. I was on Dukakis' platform and my particular issue was defending the Willie Horton incident.

Prior to the debate a vote was tallied that gave H.W. a commanding 60% total. After both sides had debated their respective issues another vote was taken and Dukakis had a resounding 80% of the school wide vote.

Age hampering my politics a bit again in 1992 I believe I was without a candidate as I had yet to hit my libertarian stride and so was not aware of the candidacy of Andre Marrou. I was not happy with domestic policy issues coming from the Bush 41 White House especially taxation as I was just beginning to notice large amounts of money leaving my paycheck.

I was living in Newt Gingrich's district and was quite impressed with the Contract with America but was distrustful that the Republicans would stick to their roots of less government and not let the chariot run free once they grabbed the reigns from the Democrats.

By the time 1996 rolled around I was, as I remain today, a staunch libertarian. I voted for Harry W. Browne this year and in 2000 as well as serving as a campaign volunteer on both Georgia campaigns. I attended the 2000 election night party at the Fox Theatre and met Mr. Browne.

2004 I abstained from the presidential election on the grounds that the Libertarian candidate was a complete kook that was going around the country telling people that George W. Bush masterminded the 9/11 attacks. I have long since "looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which." where it concerns the Deomcrats and Republicans as far as limiting the intrusiveness of the federal govenrment. For these reasons I did not vote for W. as he has damaged this country from within with his unbridled domestic spending.

John Kerry was just an abhorrent figure for me in that I feel his actions following his return from Vietnam border on treasonous. I also could not reconcile his voting record in the 80's and his presidential campaign platforms. I feel the evidence brought forward by the Swift Boat Veterans was credible and so did not give my vote to him.

I do not plan to vote for Hillary in 2008 on the grounds that she is a very transparent power hungry person. She will be an unacceptable danger to this country and therefore hope to have a Libertarian candidate that I can believe in again. Should Giuliani run I may have to begin investigating his past to determine whether I should vote for him. I would vote for Condoleeza Rice simply on the grounds that it will take balls to try and be the first female president of the United States if not the first black, female president.

Maybe more than what you were looking for but there ya go.

I was waiting for the "...walk into a bar" variety of joke.

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