Dennis the Menace

Floridian blogger Jim Mathies is riding out Hurricane Dennis from a coastal town close to where the eye of the storm is coming ashore.

This is the strongest storm to ever hit the Florida panhandle, and you have to worry about the people there when you read his increasingly tense updates.

Here's what he wrote an hour ago:

Things are starting to get ugly now. The wind has picked up to a constant roar and has shifted North. The water in the air is so thick I can bearly see across the street. I think the worst is still to come.

Last night:

I've decided to stay, but the butterflies in my stomach are back. I'll be able to evac north and east over the bay bridge up to the point where winds hit 45mph. At 45mph, the bridges close and then I'm stuck. I'll just hunker down for now and hopefully ride it out without harm, hoping a tornado doesn't decide to cut my house in half.

Two days ago:

Someone pinged me to ask if I'm planning on staying for Dennis. Yes, I'll most likely stay, unless it's a cat 4+ and making landfall within 50 miles of Destin. (I'm not that crazy.)

Dennis is a category four storm making landfall around 45 miles from Destin.


Well he is pretty crazy. Who in their right mind would _require_ An M$ .NET passport to comment. It kind of staggers the imagination actually.

Do What Now ??? ... Standards and Practices !

I was in the storm and my house was boarded up very well, but still the wind was too strong. A lead pipe was thrown into my house and came though the wall landing 6 inches away from my cranium. I am glad to be alive. My dog and both cats died of anxiety. This storm was horrible. I am moving to Oregon when I sell my house.

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