This morning's Washington Post reports that the military has corrected a decline in recruiting:

The Army has exceeded its monthly nationwide recruiting goals for June, stopping a four-month slide and giving recruiters hope as they try to make up a significant deficit in the remaining three months of the fiscal year.

Unless I'm overlooking something, this appears to be Enron accounting. In May, the Army reduced monthly recruiting goals by 17 percent.


In my opinion, it's probably worse than that. I read an article in either the WSJ or the Washington Post a month or so ago that reported that the military was systematically lowering the standards for recruitment. People who would have been turned away in the past (based on data about their educational background, criminal background, etc) are now being accepted. In addition, personelle who might have been discharged in the past are now being retained.

The article quoted an anonymous military officer who was deeply concerned that compromising the standards for recruits and for current personelle will end of costing lives.

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