Meet Sunsara Taylor, the media's favorite young communist blogger and hardest working running dog in prole business:

Sunsara Taylor has emerged as an important leading voice of a new generation dusting off the dream of revolution and picking up communism as it is being creatively re-envisioned by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party. She fiercely believes humanity is capable of a morality flowing from principles which guide an ongoing struggle to uproot all vestiges of male supremacy, to promote and base ourselves on science and truth, to value people around the world as much as ourselves, to overcome the brutal history and present reality of racism, and to construct a whole better world in the process. She writes for the Revolutionary Worker, has appeared on/in: Hannity & Colmes, Fox & Friends, The New York Times, Air America, The Amsterdam News, 1010Wins, CNN.COM, NY1, and on more. For speaking or interviews:

I was so inspired by her biography that I started a fire in one of my trash cans and overturned my car.


Exactly what did her parents expect her to become when they named her "Sunsara?" A card-carrying conservative christian Republican?

You started a fire and overturned your car? I thought the Pistons LOST the NBA championship!

Here's a clip of her appearance on Fox & Friends during the Shiavo circus.

Since you brought it up, David, I will tell you. I *am* her parent and I will tell you exactly what I hoped she'd become when I named her. I was hoping she would become the best person she could be, that she would live her values and beliefs, and that she would be happy. She has done all that and more, and I am truly inspired by her.

Well, "History100," if you believe being a shrill (yet sexy) Communist was the best person Sunsara could be, well, congratulations.

Wow. Real classy to mock on a person's love for their child, "Brohm." Try not to kick too many puppies on the way home tonight, mmkay?

Sunsara's quality is beyond her ideology, it is her ability to exercise critical thinking. Haters (christian fascists, homophobes, tea partyers, republicans, libertarians, etc) accuse her of things not related to her critical thinking, because in fact they have no ability to dialogue with people who exercise critical thinking. I have yet to hear a woman or a man on the right who can argue with the intelligence and knowledge that Sunsara does.

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