In Case of Emergency, Dial 9/11

"9/11 changed everything" is the context by which everything follows. No speech about homeland security or Iraq should being without a reference to 9/11. -- GOP advisor Frank Luntz

President Bush had a 90 percent approval rating in the Gallup Poll conducted Sept. 21-22, 2001. He has 47 percent approval in the same poll today.

Clay Bennett on IraqAs the White House flounders for reasons to explain the record lows in the president's public support, perhaps they should consider the corrosive effect of their repeated attempts to play the 9/11 card whenever they get into political trouble.

Not far from Ground Zero, Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove said that liberals wanted to "offer therapy and understanding" for the 9/11 attackers, insulting millions of Americans who supported the president in 2001, regardless of how we felt about the bitter recount battle that denied Gore the presidency.

Had a pollster called, I would have eagerly been counted among that 90 percent. Like many liberals, I supported the war to oust the Taliban and Al Qaeda from Afghanistan. I would have supported the invasion of Iraq, had Saddam Hussein been complicit in the massacre of 2,996 people. I eagerly await the day Osama bin Laden pokes his head out of a mountain cave in remote Wherethehellistan and is greeted by a Daisy Cutter.

Now Bush's second-term agenda is in disarray: His plan to privatize Social Security is deader than Elvis, the news brings daily Gitmo allegations, and the Iraq insurgency shows no signs of getting weaker. The vice president tells Americans we'd be more confident in the war if we looked up throes in the dictionary.

So of course liberals are being told that we wanted to coddle the 9/11 attackers and are motivated by a desire to endanger our troops when we're not burning flags or pulling out feeding tubes at hospices. The White House criticizes our response to the savagery of 9/11 while remaining silent on the prospect of Bin Laden's capture, 1,383 days (and counting) after he murdered thousands of Americans.

As much as I want a positive outcome in Iraq, in spite of my opposition to the war, I can't see it happening under a White House more serious about fighting Democrats than terrorists.


They are more serious about looting the country than anything else.

Why not ask the vice-pres. about the 9 billion he lost in Iraq?

We have to stop being Democrats and Republicans. If we continue to look at only the bad and not the good we will end up like IRAQ - a place where no one wants to be. Osama Bin Laden is not the question. The question is how we can help the undeveloped countries gain some sort of "American Dream" in their country and to help eliminate the corruption that is rampant in the Middle east and the African continent. We must provide opportunity and freedom. We must stop harping on what each of us says for days on end. The media MUST START reporting the good that is being done by our Military - not just the bombs. How about reporting as a whole how many Americans were killed this week all accross the USA by murders - I bet it is more than in Iraq.

Lets be more positive. I am sick and tired of all this political rip rap that serves no purpose. There is plenty of political power to go around for all the Washington DC power people. Just share it and shut up. We are sick and tired of what they say and what you are reporting.

The only reason the Social Security plan is dead is because the liberals and the media did not let it live. How can people be so stupid as to not want to have control over some of their money? And how can you press types be so stupid as to say that the politicians should be able to take our retirement money and spend in on anything THEY want to spend it on?

Daily Gitmo Allegations - that is a great example of how the media and liberals think and act. ALLEGATIONS, ALLEGATIONS, ALLEGATIONS . we saw what the Newsweek ALLEGATIONS did to kill people. We see what ALLEGATIONS did to Dan Rather and he deserved it. ALLEGATIONS are just that - and yet you refer to them just like Al Gore referred to "daily reports on TV" and stories in the newspapers - all reinforcing the fact that you are just reinforcing the fact that you have no facts - JUST ALLEGATIONS...... so shut up until you can report some NEWS not just ALLEGATIONS - Please.

Osama Bin Laden is not the question.

Hey let's give Dumbya's sound-bite to Mikey. Mikey'll eat it. He likes everything!

The guy orchestrated the cold blooded murder of 3,000 civilians. He caused billions in damage. Hanging him out to dry is NOT a priority in your worldview?

you have no facts - JUST ALLEGATIONS...... so shut up until you can report some NEWS

Just the facts?
Like Faux Fox Facts perchance there Mikey boyo?

Ya want NEWS?

Yer boy Dumbya is being increasingly seen as the Emporer with no clothes.

Here's a yerself a clue.

Be Well.

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