A domain geek weblog runs an interview with the guy who sold popebenedictxvi.com for $6,100:

The name was registered in February along with roughly 40 other possible pope names, the only variations that were missed were the names that Rogers Cadenhead registered, I'm still kicking myself for overlooking those variations.

The tone of the article makes "domaining," the term it uses to describe the practice of registering domains, sound like a quaint hobby akin to scrapbooking or quilting. But there aren't many hobbies that could net an $180,000 payday.


$180,000 payday?

So that's how much that gambling firm offered you?

Nope -- I was offered a $2,000 ad sponsorship, but I cut off all the possible sales offers before they could tell me how much virtuous love of my grandmother was costing me.

The $180,000 figure was from one of the other guy's domain name sales.

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