Googlemilk: And Then They All Blamed Me

Alex Pareene, who describes googlemilking as "thinking of a great setup, and letting the internets provide the punchline," offers this contribution to the game: "and then they all blamed me."

The phrase reveals scapegoated sex club workers, abuse survivors, drug addicts, and a Canadian who blogs about flatulence:

i guess all this talk of gas has had its effect on me. last night i had two dreams and in each one i 'let one go' while i was around other people and they all blamed me and i denied it.

More usefully, it also leads to Athelstane e-Texts, a ginormous collection of lovingly transcribed 19th century children's books.

The site includes 32 adventure books by George Manville Fenn, including Brownsmith's Boy, Marcus, the Young Centurion, and Dick o' the Fens. A discussion on LiveJournal suggests that Fenn's work still fills a niche:

So much manliness ... Nic Revel may also have alligators, I know one book does. Alligators that no doubt thrash about like giant serpents in the dark recesses of their tunnel-like lairs. (I'm so excited by that prospect that I misspelled several words and had to edit!)

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