Deep Daughter's Past Illuminated

A front-page story in Sunday's Washington Post examined Deep Throat daughter Joan Felt's association with Adidam:

Joan Felt is a devotee of an unusual and controversial self-proclaimed guru who, in two California lawsuits and several public statements 20 years ago, was accused of sexual abuse, slavery, false imprisonment, assault and brainwashing that was said to include persuading people to give him all their money.

Asked about the guru today, Joan Felt says, "None of this has anything to do with the Deep Throat story." She won't talk about the guru's group, known as Adidam as well as the Johannic Daist Communion. Nor would she discuss the length and scope of her role within it. Earlier this month, when asked about it in a brief encounter outside her house, she said Adidam was like Buddhism.

The reporter called numerous people who have been involved in Adidam, according to a participant in the online discussion forum where Felt's association with the group was first brought to light.

Although I helped push this story along, I have no idea whether Adidam influenced the decision to reveal Deep Throat's identity. If Joan Felt's study group was active in Santa Rosa, you'd think the Post could have found someone there to discuss her current level of involvement.


Daughter seems to have not fallen far from the tree. No wonder this country is undergoing such upheavel at this time. Deep Throat clearly was as criminal in his actions as was Richard Nixon. You should not rise to the # 2 position of the FBI if you feel yourself above the law. This is a position apparently overlooked by the worship the right club. I would not have believed I would ever side with Pat Buchanan, but on this one he is correct.

Once again, attacking Felt for bringing information to the public was not criminal. It may have been against the law, but in this case the outcome outweighs the crime. I suggest a re-reading of "Civil Disobediance".

Or, just re-examine all the laws our Founding Fathers broke in their drive towards something better.

Throwing tea in Boston harbor was also a crime, as I recall. Even if Mark Felt had been the worst scoundrel working for Nixon -- which would have been a real accomplishment -- that wouldn't make his contribution to the country any less beneficial. Nixon was a crook.

Joan Felt is engaging in typical cult double talk. And that demonstrates why it is relevant to the story.

Adidam is not like Buddhism. That is what they are trained to say when the public asks. But, Adi Da considers himself a special Divine Incarnation, superior to the Buddha, Christ and everybody else. Adidam stands in contradiction to basic Buddhist teachings. No Buddhist would be confused.

And course there is relation to the Deep Throat story. Substantial amounts of money resulting from this story are going to go to a cult, not just to pay bills, and one the elder Felt would never approve of. Thus Joan Felt is not telling the truth. Most people would not want their monies going to support that agenda of such an extreme cult. And, the timing is suspect. The pressure to expose Deep Throat now and deliberate exclusion of Bob Woodward from even being told is obviously Joan's decision, not Mark's. Joan wants to cash in on her father now, the only real asset she has, and get the money for her cult, and quickly, so she hires a lawywer and sells the story quickly before the cult connection gets too much attention.

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