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A person calling himself Ranveer of Mumbai visited the Drudge Retort last night, posting three memorable anti-American rants:

... you have the gall to talk about not finding anything pure to drink in India other than Coke? Even our cows' urine is more pure than your drinks.

As I checked the IP address to see if Ranveer was really posting from India, I thought the links might be useful to others. Here's what I do when playing Scooby Doo Internet detective:

  • The IP address to host name service reveals the name associated with an address, if one has been defined.
  • A traceroute service identifies each hop from a chosen server to the address.
  • Three WHOIS registrars -- APNIC, ARIN, and RIPE -- can tell you what company controls an IP address.

The WHOIS registrars cover different regions, so for any IP address, one provides a definitive answer and the others offer generic information covering the entire IPv4 Internet (the range to

For example, ARIN identifies that the address belongs to Microsoft, while APNIC and RIPE come up with bupkiss.

The only thing that worked on Ranveer was APNIC. He posted his comments from an address owned by REACH, a global Internet provider that specializes in Asian connectivity and has offices in Mumbai.


Ranveer's comments are memorable, but it's worth noting they were in response to a blatantly racist comment. You might want to trace that IP too, as I get the impression 'wog' isn't a term used in the states. In the UK it carries around the same weight of offense as 'nigger'.

I didn't know that about wogs. I've learned a lot about racist slang over the years of running message boards, but that one sounded pretty harmless.

FYI FWIW Rogers: I wrote a little CGI a while back that shows misc. info about an IP and your browser - you can see it by clicking on my signature or it's here -

Geo-location stuff is tough and basically impossible to be 100% accurate (plus they could be bouncing off a proxy), but it's interesting to see where people come from.

Cool script. It figured out properly that I'm in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, but thinks Ranveer's in Lahore, Pakistan. I suspect he's really in Mumbai as claimed, given the presence of his Internet provider there.

I use this site quite a bit:

Hi. I'm Jew. I think wogs are nice. Rogers is a nice guy too. Mostly I just sit around and watch TV.



So Ranveer really was from Mumbai. I wouldn't have bet money on it. Hey NYJ Anything good on?

Be Well.

You should check this out. It allows you to track any ip address upto the country. pretty interesting.

got here by google chasing web trackers to see if i can find where some weird email came from.
I see some are puzzled by the term wog. It was quite common here in Austarlia tho' more on the east coast (Melbourne and lesser extent Sydney)and usually referred to greeks tho' was loosely used for people of mediteranean origin. Once quite derogatory but i suspect less so now (a poplular movie was called "The Wog Boy")


soon you will smell the head of a chinese pecker.

IP Country Lookup is another free tool that lets you track down an IP address to the source country.

I'm trying to track an ip address through a message board. Folks under different user names post comments daily. I want to trace where in the world, as specific as possible, a member on the message board is posting comments from. "Where is s/he located?" That sort of thing.. is this possible? If so, could someone enlighten me? I would very much appreciate either a reply to this message, or an e-mail:

Thank you so much,

- aw

I want to get a list of ip address through which i can get the information of different country ip address range. can somebody help
me ??

This is the best site to track complete details of an IP. Let me know your feedback on

This is the best site to track complete details of an IP Let me know your feedback on

Is there anyway to obtain a users IP address through a video game? Trying to do a report on 'real money traders' and I would like to see the numbers on where most are from (I'm assuming asia or former soviet union). let me know at if you have any feedback. And its FFXI incase that helps.

Your selection is rather racist. You target out one community and define them as being hecklers when in reality he was heckled and he posted a peeved reply to that in a dignified manner.

Without being an administrator for a particular forum, could I if possible get to trace the IP address of the said poster?

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