Master of Their Domain

Internet pornographers got lucky with ICANN and will receive their own top-level domain.

A Florida domain registry and the International Foundation for Internet Responsibility, the groups that requested the domain, will devote .xxx explicitly to sexual content, making it easier for Internet users to avoid such sites entirely or dive headfirst into the fleshy sea of sin:

ICM and IFFOR selected .xxx as the sole string for this application based upon its high ranking in the aforementioned criteria.

Although other potential strings were considered such as .sex, .adult and .porn, the research demonstrated that these strings lacked broad geographic recognition and were perceived to be primarily Anglo-Saxon.

When this registry opens for business, I will try to acquire to keep it out of the hands of pornographers.


..but will be mine!
Ha ha ha!


It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they let you ride around in the "Pope Mobile" with that funny pope hat on. Maybe late at night, after all the Swiss Patrolmen go home, or whatnot. Wouldn't want to put any ideas in their heads!

Domini Domini Domini!

You're all Catholics now!

ICANN bastards stole my idea.

I actually think this is wrong. It's all fine to protect the .coms and .nets from porn sites getting that name, but .xxx is meant for porn. Thats their space and you shouldn't touch it. The whole point of .xxx is to create a porn specific TLD. You shouldn't dilute this by registering stuff like this. It just confuses things and makes .xxx less effective.

Good job Joe. You smarty pants you.



But... He's a Catholic priest. He's obscene by definition. The entire Catholic church could just move to the .xxx domain and simplify matters.

"It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

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On Topic?

XXX has great brand recognition.

Whether on the side of a mason jar full of white lightening or advertising Fuzzy pr0n, people will know wot yer on about.

That sed, Spud has become so jaded after watching hours after hour of e-pr0n that XXX is no longer enuff fer ole Spud.

Now Spud wants four Xs.


Spud wants to see X-rays of naked people having sex.

OK. Maybe that's just Spud and not part of a larger trend.

Spud's kinda weird, well... except fer the kinda part.

Be Well.

Well, as a lifelong bachelor for 37 KraLiyet aiLens. thanks

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