Sixth Singer Joins Podcasting Choir

Mark Pursey has become the sixth member of the Creative Commons Choir, the asynchronous podcasting singing group that's now one-sixtieth as large as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

I'm disappointed that the music press has yet to take note of our new genre, which takes MIDI orchestral accompaniment of Dixie to a place no one could have imagined.

When our choir stops growing, I will go the Jandek route and self-release this song commercially, putting all choir members one step closer to membership in the Recording Academy.

Anyone with a credit on six commercially released tracks can pay the $100 yearly dues and receive voting rights in the Grammy Awards and other perks. I just have to find one store on the planet that will sell us.


Oh, let's do go for the academy, for sport and a test. An online store counts, apparently, and it doesn't look like you actually have to sell any. (That's a plus.)

I wonder if downloads count, or if you have to provide the product in some tangible form; that might make an interesting test too.

I'm up for some troublemaking.

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