Jacksonville blogger Joe Dougherty made Howard Kurtz's column this week with his reaction to the Senate filibuster deal:

... starting today, I will now do everything in my power to see that John McCain's chances at the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 are non-existent. In fact, I'd like to help out if there's anyway we can get another Republican to run against him for his Senate seat.

This man is not a Republican or a conservative. He is a curse on the party and the movement and he must be removed from the political landscape.

I'd never talk Republicans out of forming a circular firing squad before the 2008 election, but Sen. McCain has a lifetime 83 rating on his voting record from the American Conservative Union, which compares to the scores of Sens. Chuck Hagel, Elizabeth Dole, and Rick Santorum.

I don't see how he erased two decades of conservative votes with a deal to uphold the filibuster, a practice that has been a fundamental part of Senate debate since 1806.

I wish the guy was another Jim Jeffords -- McCain's one of the only national political figures so well-liked he'd be a strong contender in the other party's primary.


Some of us are furious with McCain for reasons that have nothing to do with this issue. His support for campaign finance "reform" shows that he is completely against the First Amendment. The same goes for Shays, Meehan, and Feingold.

I'd be happy if all four of them were successfully challenged by people who cared about free speech.

I was enthusiastic about McCain-Feingold, because I don't think money equals speech.

After the last election, I've become more cynical about our chances to stem the flood of campaign contributions from well-heeled groups currying favor from government.

My heartache was assauged, to a small degree, by a couple of groups that bought political ads on my sites. :-).

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