Old-Time Radio, Way-Nu Format

I'm helping Yesterday USA, the first old-time radio station on the Internet, start podcasting its programs.

The station has been produced for 22 years as a labor of love out of the home of Dallas audio engineer Bill Bragg, who's better known these days as the voice of Big Tex.

YUSA broadcasts 23 shows that already sound like podcasts. They're 30- to 90-minute programs created by listeners who briefly introduce the old-time radio shows and music they love, with little editing, polish, or pro-radio fakery. One of the longtime hosts is the singer Ronnie Millsap.

In order to podcast, YUSA needs a Visual Basic component that converts WAV files to MP3 and then uploads the resulting files to a web server.

I don't code much in VB, so I'm having trouble trusting the free code I've found on the Internet to perform the MP3 conversion.

An ActiveX component from United Research Labs looks promising, as you can see from the documentation for a WaveToMp3 function.

Before I encourage YUSA to shell out $299 for the license, I'd like to find some Visual Basic coders who can tell us if there's a cheaper alternative.


Mp3 has thomson licenses, we are obliged hence the price.

If you don't mind the question, how much of that $299 license cost has to be passed from your company straight to them?

Why not use something like the lame encoder? Ok, so it's not an ActiveX control so requires a bit more work to integrate with VB, but it's $299 cheaper...

(Also, I guess, it's of dubious legality, but as it's quite a high profile SourceForge project I'd imagine that if any cease-and-desist shenanigans were going to occur they'd have happened long ago.)

Blogmatrix Sparks?

I don't understand most of the gobbledegook you've written (I am pretty sure you are just showing off) but I am so happy to know about this station. Thanks so much!

FFMPEG.exe Fuckin rules. I wouldn't swear normally but I work with every audio type that was every created by man and ffmpeg can handle most of them

If the product you are dispensing is free, the license is free. Hence, lame encoder is legal.

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Why are you going to all this bother to get .mp3? Try this method at no cost.
1) Forget about visual basic
2) Download Audacity from Source Forge. (cost = free)
3) Use Audacity to open your recorded .wav file
4) In the file menu, choose to export the file as .mp3
5) You're done. And you're legal

As long as you have your file open in Audacity, you should know that it's an audio editor. You might want to add an extra step of equalizing your sound levels and cutting out chunks of the audio that you don't want to include. But you don't have to do this if you don't want to.

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