R.S.V.P. at Any Time

This Saturday at MIT, a Time Traveler Convention will be held for anyone who hears about the event in the future and can find a way to attend:

We need you to help publicize the event so that future time travelers will know about the convention and attend. This web page is insufficient; in less than a year it will be taken down when I graduate, and futhermore, the World Wide Web is unlikely to remain in its present form permanently. We need volunteers to publish the details of the convention in enduring forms, so that the time travelers of future millennia will be aware of the convention. This convention can never be forgotten! We need publicity in major outlets, not just Internet news. Think New York Times, Washington Post, books, that sort of thing. If you have any strings, please pull them.

If MIT no longer exists at the time the invitation is received, time travelers are given the latitude and longitude of the event: 42:21:36.025 degrees N, 71:05:16.332 degrees W.


It was an -ok- convention but I've seen better. Maybe next week I'll try it again and see if I enjoy it more.

What makes him think the New York Times, the WaPo or even books are still going to be around in the future?

Based on the reported slide in the L.A. Times's circulation, that might happen sooner rather then later.


Crap! I keep missing it... Trust me on this, when you build a time machine, if you care at all about accuracy or precision, make sure you use a digital display unit, not just big dials and knobs.

I want a time machine like the one Uncle Rico ordered to get back to 1982.

Actually, the coolest time machine ever was the one in the late 50's release of The Time Machine. If I'm Rod Taylor, I'm making sure I get beck to cuddle up with Yvette Mimeaux, Morlocks notwithstanding. Plus his machine had a really cood seat, like something you'd find in someone's parlour.

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