Giveaway: Radio UserLand Kick Start

We adopted a kitten from the humane society nine months ago who thinks he's a dog, and there's nothing he likes more than the taste of a computer book. A stack of them make an excellent scratching post, as I learned when he shredded a dozen copies of How to Use the Internet Eighth Edition.

Cat DogThis situation adds urgency to my need to give away more of my books, before they become either out-of-date or drenched with saliva.

I'm giving away four author's copies of Radio UserLand Kick Start, each in new condition and completely untouched by my catdog.

If you'd like to win one, post a comment on this Workbench entry or write about it on your weblog, linking to its permalink so I don't overlook it. I'll pay the postage to anywhere that I can send it for under $10.

Kick Start covers everything you need to get started with Radio UserLand, an Internet content management and programming tool that makes it simple to publish your own weblog, develop web services, and collect information from thousands of Internet sites. Several sample chapters can be read online.

During my last book giveaway, I awarded an extra copy to the person with the most inventive reason for wanting one. If I can scare up a fifth copy, I'll do that again here.


Hi Rogers,

I had a feline with a similar penchant for destroying my stuff. In my case it was my record collection. I still have all those old LPs and they still all have shredded splines which makes it really hard to figure out which album is which.


I blogged this--thanks for encouraging the community through this giveaway...

I have been dying to get my hands on a copy of this book. Not ONE single bookstore around me for 100 miles has the book, and I live in a major metropolitan area.

If I had this book, I would use it on a daily basis, as that I love getting into the features of Radio that make it great. I have been tempted by all of my friends who say to use WT or WP, but I love Radio so much I don't think I could ever switch.

I am not sure what your basis will be, but I can assure you that there won't be a day that the book won't be used. Plus maybe Steve Kirks can get some work done now (because I will have the resources to figure it out on my own with your book). Steve's been an incredible resource and amazing guy, but I think he wants me off his back with all the questions I have.

I want to also develop a way to create a feed for comments using Radio's engine, and I feel this book would be a valuable tool in that process.

Thanks for the consideration. I LOVE RADIO!!!

yay! I'd love one of these! and a kitten too! yay! kitty!

i'm new to Radio since starting to use it for my blog. Also apt that it was Radio that alerted me to this post, with it's rather lovely 'river of news'! whoosh!!! :)


Well, a copy of that book would certainly help with my current project - see for details on that [grin]

also.. can we have an 'action shot' of the catdog?? :) canwe? canwe? huh? huh? :)


You're always giving something away!

The book might get a surge of interest
when Dave releases his Outliner and some
techies realize the potential of the Frontier Open Source project.

Dave Winer writes everything in Frontier
and its the same code base as Radio and
Manilla I believe.

A book like your just might help someone
understand the underlying database, the
outline editor and the system objects that make it all work. uses that domain for a reason.

When Dave says outlines are powerful...
he means it.


I'd love to get my hands on a copy of the book. The price is right, the content's right, how could it go wrong? I'd even be honored to have a cat-dog chewed copy!

Loved your "Pope move".

Greetings from France!


I do not play as I did already bought this book but it is a really good idea ;-)

"Catdog." I love it!

Hey rogers.... We've got two cats. They don't usually destroy anything, but do interrupt a good blogging session.

I would really like a copy, so I can quietly sit and read while the cats can rest their bones on my lap....


I'd love a copy of the book. Neither my Border Terrier, nor my Love Bird eat books.

I will make good use of the book.


I was wondering what a catdog was, now I know ;)

My cats love shredding boxes, any big box will do, beats them shredding books

Oh no, stop! This is communism at it's best! Tommorrow night you'll be visited by the ghost of Marx waving a bong like a magic wand.

At least think about charging some seashells. It's not a well-known fact but Shell gas stations will give you 20% discount if you slip them a few pretty ones. If they don't, tell them to ask their headquarter about the Project Shelly.

I have no pets, leaving a void in my life, which I'm sure your book would fill.

so, who won? :) the catdog?

I'm going to pick winners and send books in one week.

A cat that thinks he's a dog, does he fetch?

I've passed your site on to my son, he should find it of interest.

I'd also like to get my hand on a copy of Radio Userland. It would be appreciated.

The reason I'd be interested in getting a copy is because I'm struggling to understand where Radio fits in my range of choices. Quite frankly in the past four months I've been able to get four WP-based sites up with minimal help. I've downloaded a copy of Radio to my Mac to try the aggregator and get a feel for the product. I dislike the need to run a specific app to use the tool, requiring downloads to my XP desktop and tablet now rather then being able to work in a browser. Steve Kirks - I'm in SGF too but I don't know...

Great idea to get some comments rolling!

Oh, and I'm perfectly willing to accept a book with bite marks on it. My two year old is only going to steal it off my self anyway. For some reason she loves technical books. Right now "XML for Databases" is rivaling "Good Night Gorilla" as a naptime favorite.

Hi Rogers,

I have no dog or cat but I certainly would like very much to have a copy of your book. I need all the help that's available to understand Radio.



Is a catdog something like a dog-cow, friend of us who remember B&W, 9"-screen Macs?

I thought I was to late, but then I saw your entry about accepting entries for a week before making the choice. So I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for one of those copies of your Radio book. It would probably make some of the extensions I want to make to my site much easier to implement. I just haven't had the chance to teach myself enough about the macro/tool environment to streamline my daily processing.

And you don't mention it but I assume you will need an e-mail address to contact the winner, so here's my SPAM resistent version editor-(at)

A book written by Rogers Cadenhead, hmmmm? I wonder how well this one would fit on my shelf along with the other books written by Rogers? I know it should be as good, or better, than "Teach Yourself Java" that I used as a textbook several years back.

By the way, you wouldn't want to trade would ya'? I've got several autographed copies of "Linux for Dummies - 6th Ed."

Keep up the good work!

ding. ding. dong. bong. boing. bling. doo doo!! yay! ? purrrrr????

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