I took Buzzword.Com offline for several hours this morning to compact the databases and perform some other server maintenance. I'm tempting fate by saying this, but so far, so good.

We're nearing the one-year anniversary of the server, which became the home for 3,000 longtime Weblogs.Com bloggers last June. I have some ambitious plans to mark the occasion, but for now my priority is to keep the active bloggers running smoothly and bring all of UserLand's upgrades online.

UserLand has a new version of Manila, the software hosting these weblogs, in beta release. There are a bunch of new features, among them a better way for bloggers to manage visitor comments and trackback.


Greetings and deprivations, Roger(s).

How many sites are attached to your servers? Obviously entertaining amounts, all things considered. Great job with the benedict thing (tres froody), and Eric says hi.


I publish or copublish around 10 web sites and have 3,000 blogs I'm hosting for free on Buzzword.Com. I am starting to turn all of this into a business just to get a clear picture on whether I'm making or losing money.

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