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A voicemail message received last week:

Hey, it's Mancow, we're trying to get you on the radio show here. It's an Illinois guy, he probably knows this show. But he got the pope's web site. And the story is he's going to turn it into a porno ...

I didn't get this message soon enough to return his call. I suspect that if he heard my actual plans for BenedictXVI.Com, I would have been a great disappointment to him.

WashingtonPost.Com reporter David McGuire wrote a followup story yesterday about how the domain has been donated to the charity Modest Needs while we await the Vatican.

I'm glad that Modest Needs founder Keith Taylor was able to put something together so quickly April 21 -- 90 percent of the 410,000 visits to BenedictXVI.Com were made by Sunday morning, and traffic has slowed to around 9,000 visits a day. (Taylor may be seeing more traffic directly on the charity's BenedictXVI.Com page.)

Jacopo di Trani, the owner of Benedict16.com, offers a Jungian analysis of why he seeks financial reward and I chose the approval of my Catholic grandmother:

I think that C.G.Jung will say that Cadenhead primary function are his "thoughts", and his last function are his "sensations", and that my primary function is my "intuition", and my last function are my "feelings". I think (do you agree?); so it's very predictable that from all this popedomain-story I'll earn more and more cash than he will ever get . Even if he was the first (he registered his domain the 1st april, against my 14 april), even if he is the most famous (but not in czech sites!), and even if search engines give more traffic to his domain than to mine. I have only a better brandable domain and more real hair - but I'll get more cash than you, Rogers. It's only logic.

I can't address his theory. I majored in journalism -- the only way I would've learned about Jung was if I interviewed him for the school paper. In retrospect, I should have spent less time skipping classes in college to watch General Hospital.

But I will concede the point about his hair.


Is it just me, or does he seem to be feeling, despite the financial windfall, some sour grapes? Let it go, dude. I think he's jealous you're still getting more attention (except in Czechoslovakia!)
And, OK, no one has explained yet about the fixation on the hair. Explain that, because, last time I checked, lots of people have hair. So, unless you have enough back hair for a carpet, or tufts of it sprouting out your nose and ears, it seems the fervor over the hair up top is perplexing, to say the least.

Mr. Cadenhead,

I believe I may be able to work something out with you. I can trade you the 15 minutes of "Mr. Community College Psychoanalyst" if you tell Mancow that you will do an interview with his station only if he allows Fook from Q101 to do the interview for the show.

Sorry that I am not able to get you the "George Hamilton" hairpiece you asked for. I hope the "Trafficant" is still providing you with ample hours of windtunnel blown looks and fun.

U.S. Naval Observatory Atomic Clock

This is the domain that I've registered..
I live in Italy and I'm a "Papa boys"

I love this pope

Just like kids... *joke =) Is that only money, or some more?

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