I've Been X'ed

I did an interview yesterday with AVNOnline, believing the "AV" stood for audiovisual, like the A.V. Club entertainment site published by The Onion.

I liked the final piece, although I thought it was odd for the reporter to quote another papal domain registrant talking about "nipples and snatch." That kind of talk hasn't appeared much in the media since the end of the Clinton administration.

When I showed the story to my wife, she noticed that the ads around the piece were for X-rated sites and products (warning: link advertises X-rated sites and products).

As it turns out, AVN stands for Adult Video News, the leading trade publication of the adult entertainment industry.


Isn't it ironic...dontcha think?

A little tooo ironic...yes, I really do think.

Rogers, if it were anyone else saying they didn't know what AVN was, I wouldn't believe them.

A couple of friends and I went to Vegas on a whim about five years ago and happened to land there on the first day of the CES convention. After a few minutes at the airport, I turned to one of them and said, "MAN there are a lot of trampy girls at this baggage claim. Vegas is awesome!" We kept running into Ice-T and Ron Jeremy, not to mention hundreds of pneumatic (or is it siliconic) young ladies, and after a while we figured it out. I never have succeeded in convincing my wife that it really was by mistake, although to her credit she told me then that since I was there I might as well go ahead and check it out, which turned out to be impossible without a laminate pass. Oh well.

Look at benedict16.com ..

AVN? You're that sheltered? Perhaps you need a publicist to help you with your new found fame? Duh?



I had heard of Adult Video News (don't tell my grandma). I just didn't realize I had been talking to them until my wife pointed it out.

I'm not looking for a publicist, but I would love to model eyeglasses and big and tall men's swimwear. Take a look at this Today Show screenshot again and tell me that guy wouldn't move product. Serious inquiries only.

I'm an adult and I've never heard of AVN. Just trying to lead a good and normal life. Thank you for purchasing this domain. I think it is refreshing and kind. I hope your 15 minutes of fame lasts just a little longer than say Michael Jackson's trial. I know that is a lot to ask, but personally this is the most interesting story them media has subjected me to in a long, long time. And "yeah" for the Onion.

My wife adds, "And he calls himself a journalist." I'm not sure he does, actually, but as always you're right, honeybun.

I think you'd be a fantastic model although I imagine you more as an Abercrombie and Fitch guy, not the current version but the '50s and '60s style when it was actually about hunting. Waders and those hats with the furry ear flaps, that sort of thing.

You didn't know what AVNOnline was? Wait... but that would mean... but... c'mon! You don't read anything we post do you? AVN is damn near hattable.

Mr. Cadenhead,

This conceited crack to conspicuously continue your coiffured cranium under the hotlamps of fame is beneath your previously stated objective. Please, Debbie Rowe is testifying, we need your time back.

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