Virgin Mary of the Viaduct

I received an e-mail from someone affiliated with the Virgin Mary viaduct, the Chicago highway underpass that has a life-size water stain resembling the mother of God. They wanted advice on setting up a web site.

Virgin Mary ViaductI'm a firm believer in the idea that all religious iconography that develops naturally upon either surfaces or food should have its own site. This is exactly the kind of thing for which the Internet was invented.

Because of the visual nature of the underpass and the community that has developed, the ideal place for its web presence is Flickr.

Flickr's a terrific photo-sharing community that was recently purchased by Yahoo for 5.2 bajillion dollars. You can create an account for free, upload your photos for public viewing, and add tags that describe the subject of the shots.

Every time I find myself on Flickr, I get lost in the photos, most recently in the work of Justin Hankins. His pictures of the Bridge of Lions, Night of Lights celebration, and Intercoastal Waterway are some of the best shots I've seen of St. Augustine.

Flickr photos can be grouped into sets and viewed as slideshows. Somebody should hire Robin Jean, the photographer doing this Rockstars set, to take column mugshots for newspapers.


Found some more pope humor for you:
Rope a Pope

Classy move with Modest Needs, btw.


"Leonardo da Vinci was like a man
who awoke too early in the darkness,
while the others were all still

Sigmund Freud

I think he is a really good man

all praise the stained brick wall.

A good friend of our organization just gave me the link to this story since we had a kind of miracle sighting here also in Streator, Illinois back in 1999. I have taken the time to denote a page on The RIPS website featuring the whole story and articles stemming from this in our local paper. Please feel free to check this out..... thanks, Kay @ The RIPS (Researchers In Paranormal Specters)

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