Mason Glaves believes that Sun has killed the Java Media Framework without telling anyone:

If you've got a six-month project, and you only need one small addition, or one small bug-fix to JMF to complete it on time, it's fairly easy to assume that by the time the release date comes around, you'll have the next release of JMF and will be ready to go.

The next release is not coming. From the chatter on the list it has become more and more obvious that Sun has quietly abandoned JMF, but isn't willing to let the general population know about it.

If true, it wouldn't be the first time that Sun has put little resources towards one of its Java multimedia projects. For several years, Florian Bomers was the only programmer working on JavaSound.

Bomers left in August 2004 and is coding for his own small company, which releases several programs as "postcardware." He's also a contributor to an open source implementation of JavaSound called Tritonus.

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