Pat Buchanan was doused with salad dressing at a speaking appearance last night at Western Michigan University, which follows an incident Tuesday in which William Kristol was hit with a pie at a small college in Indiana.

The video of the Buchanan incident will circle the globe (tag humor, politics, liberal), but I have trouble finding the hilarity in it.

Without a doubt, a public figure hears regularly from nutjobs who threaten violence. As Buchanan and Kristol were being charged aggressively, they had no way of knowing if the assailant intended to cause real harm.

Take a look at Buchanan's face as this incident happens. When he declined to press felony assault charges at the condiment-wielding dork in the mohawk, he was being far too kind.


One British politician took a different tack in response to an egg being thrown at him.

Stupid liberals. First they throw pie, and then salad dressing. Don't they know you are supposed to have the salad FIRST, and the dessert LAST.

So when are we going to get the entree?

BUT Pat Buchanan is a lying shithead who deserves to be doused with a wide variety of fluids. To bad the douser had wierd hair, it would mean more if a lady or some guy in a suit did it. And Hersheys Chocolate syrup would be more fitting.

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