If you think the religious passions enflamed by the Terri Schiavo case are over the top, imagine where we could be if a slightly more famous Roman Catholic takes a similar turn.

The Pope lacks a living will.

The Rev. John J. Paris, a bioethics professor at Boston College:

This is the open invitation to chaos. There are no rules in the Vatican on this sort of thing because, up through 1950, really, it wouldn't happen. Doctors tended to kill people more than save them. Unless there’s some secret document that the pope has written, he becomes a pawn in the hands of bureaucrats. This organization is no different than any others.


Well, considering some of the more unsavory moments in the history of the Church, I wouldn't worry too much about him hanging around too long if it becomes horribly inconvenient.

As it is, his whole workday for the last few years has consisted of sitting around and waving out a window from time to time. Might as well be a Chucky doll, as far as most people know.

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