A Marine who attended President Bush's speech at Camp Pendleton disagrees with my fashion critique:

Most Marines I talked to didn't even know what that jacket was, they thought is was Pres. Bush's personal jacket he had modified. As for the flight suit thing, he was flying on a Naval aircraft landing on a Naval aircraft carrier, he had to wear one! Hell we gave the Discovery channel guys flight suits when they flew on my ship in 1998.

In retrospect, I should have been skeptical of reporter Dana Milbank's claim that Bush was setting a new trend with his faux-military presidential duds. I still think the jacket was too Lord Farquaad, but Clinton and his recent predecessors also liked to play dress-up, as does President Bartlet.

Of all the photos offered by InstaPundit readers as proof that I should wear a "Jackass-in-Chief jacket," the one from West Wing stung the most. I hold that fictitious liberal presidency in great regard.

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