My favorite panelist on BetterBadNews has a message for Larry Page and Sergey Brin: Get off of my couch!

... I look over my shoulder and I see Larry and Sergey looking at my blog. They are editing something on my blog. They are overriding my link on the word "goose" and substituting their own link to a site where I can buy a cookbook I already have, because I wrote it. But I prefer to sell it directly from my blog to help pay for my poultry podcasts. So they sit there, Larry and Sergey, on my couch, uninvited, except to deliver the couch -- I did order the couch to be delivered. It's a lovely couch, but I didn't invite the deliveryman to stay and point things out to me.


Take note of Wayne Burkett's debunking of the video, which apparently was made by people who didn't know AutoLink from a hole in the ground:

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