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The gay talk show host Michelangelo Signorile interviewed Sheriff Mac Holcomb of Marshall County, Alabama, who made headlines last week when people discovered that his official Web site celebrates the old-fashioned values of his youth in the '40s and '50s:

During this era, love of God, family, and country abounded. Men were men and women were women and there was no mistaking which was which. Both were proud of their individual roles. Homosexuality was very queer and a despicable act ... an abomination.

The 19-minute interview's great -- Signorile patiently draws Holcomb out until he has offered reasons to oppose homosexuality from the political, spiritual, and even animal kingdoms (male dogs in Alabama are straight).

There's one moment when the self-described "redneck sheriff" gives an unexpected answer:

Signorile: Well, do you believe that gay men and lesbians should be protected against being fired in their jobs? Do you believe there should be anti-discrimination laws?

Holcomb: Oh, yes. I don't--, I've had four homosexuals work for me in my administration. Knowingly. I hired them knowingly. That doesn't mean I'm for it.

Even with the marraige bans, social liberals must be winning the battle for gay rights if a scripture-quoting small town sheriff in Alabama is proudly stating the number of abominations he has hired.


The Sheriff is also showing that in spite of his outdated and outlandish prejudices he is honest and professional. We need more like him who are willing to be fair when necessary.

"Bravo" is now twice as queer!

"Queer Eye For The Straight Girl" coming soon.

"Homosexuality was very queer and a despicable act ... an abomination. "

He's representing a helluva deep awareness of history and human nature. And how does he know that Homosexuality was *"very queer?"*

Good point Scott Waters.

I'm always fascinated when people, who hold views that I find to be acquiescent and coarse, are reasonable and/or fair and/or sophisticated in a parallel behavior.

Even the boys in the drunk tank love Ole Sheriff Mac!

What is a "gay right"?

Does *anyone* have a "right" to anything other than their own liberty? No -- there's is no such thing as a "right" to coercively-financed succor.

What is "gay marriage"? An attempt by two people of the same sex to secure tax breaks normally entitled to married families. -- Nothing more.

What would be really tickling is if 100,000 gays got together and pledged to cease paying all income and all property taxes on moral grounds, forevermore. Now THAT would be something they'd have a right to do.

Seems that Mac Holcomb isn't the only crooked person in the high places of Marshall County. Apparently, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Marshall County has been accused of solicitation.

Now that in itself isn't that bad I know. The bad part is that he was apparently soliciting young men who work for him at his local business.

Now you and readers tell me how guiltly this sounds... He has gone to court to get gag orders on the young man and his family in order to prevent them from telling anyone or talking to the press. If it isn't true, wouldn't you just come out with a statement that it isn't true and sue the family for Defamation? I think you look even more guilty going to court to issue the gag orders.

I look forward to more to come of this story in the very near future. Keep your eyes and ears open for more.

Thank you!
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