I'm a big fan of Salon.Com, but I have to call out a tasteless metaphor by Publisher David Talbot in a story about the survival of his magazine and Slate:

I think once the Internet bust got into full swing, it was like being survivors of a tsunami. Everybody was glad they were still there, no matter how they felt about each other before it hit.


In the wake of catastrophic destruction and the demise of over a hundred thousand fellow humans, it would seem that one would not want to reference the catalyst (the tsunami) is such a cold and distant manner.

I dunno, perhaps this is just a coincidence. Talbot may have given the reporter that quote before the disaster...

I hadn't thought of that possibility, so I sent reporter Dan Kennedy an e-mail. He replied that the interview with Talbot was on Jan. 6.

*Ouch* Very poor choice of words. I bet Talbot wished he could take that back almost as soon as he said it.

OTOH, it doesn't approach CNN's Jonathan Klein's breastbeating over CNN's tsunami coverage. At least Salon.Com doesn't seem to think that the story is about the media rather than the victims, which Klein seems to think is the case.

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