Addressing a PHP Name Resolution Glitch

My PHP error logs have been filling up with an ominous error message:

PHP Warning: main(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution (is your IPV6 configuration correct? If this error happens all the time, try reconfiguring PHP using --disable-ipv6 option to configure)

I don't know about the low-level cause for the problem, but I've figured out why it's happening so often on my server. I had the bad habit of using URLs in include statements for local pages, like this:

include '';

This was causing some pages to require three or more extra domain name lookups, just to pull files from my own server! I'm switching these statements to local file references:

include '/www/ekzemplo/menu.htm';

Server performance has improved noticeably, though I still have no idea what any of this has to do with IPV6.


I (almost) hate to point this out, but that's still not technically a "relative" file reference, it's an absolute path, since it begins with "/" rather than a "./" or a null prefix.

But yeah, that's a rather good thing not to be doing.

Thanks -- I've corrected it.

The problem is that PHP has some issue (i've not discovered a solution yet) with name resolution. This is your real problem. If you put the URL on your hosts file, even if you use at the begining of your include it will works fine. Try it!

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