I Want to Be a Better Neuron

Looking at Technorati this morning, I realized that none of the entries on my hand-coded weblogs are showing up there, presumably because I haven't been sending update pings to weblog notification services like Weblogs.Com, Blo.gs, and Ping-o-Matic.

For a weblog to be a properly firing neuron in the information-gathering nervous system that Jon Udell describes on InfoWorld, tools like Technorati must learn in real time what's being linked, and by whom.

To fix this, I'm writing a PHP class library to ping notification services over XML-RPC, using Edd Dumbill's XML-RPC for PHP library.

The code works successfully for Weblogs.Com and Ping-o-Matic, but I haven't had any luck calling Blo.gs over XML-RPC.

According to the documentation, I should be able to call the site's XML-RPC server at http://ping.blo.gs/, port 80, with the method weblogupdates.ping and parameters "Ekzemplo" (weblog title), "http://www.ekzemplo.com" (weblog link).

I can't get this to work with my own PHP code or the Dumpleton XML-RPC debugger, so I'm hunting for examples of working code that connects to the Blo.gs XML-RPC server.


But when you already ping Ping-O-Matic - why bother with pinging weblogs.com and blo.gs? Ping-O-Matic already pings those for you!

If you want to ping other sites besides Ping-O-Matic those should be ones that aren't in the Ping-O-Matic set. For example local ping services like the one from pycs.net or stuff like Topic-Exchange.

For the moment, I'm only pinging Ping-O-Matic. But I figure there are users out there who would rather ping Weblogs.Com and Blo.gs directly, so I'm coding those options too.

Not sure which are your "hand-coded" sites, but I thought I'd let you know of my recent problems with Technorati - because maybe it's the same issue for you? Basically Technorati wasn't indexing my blog because I used excerpts and not full content on the homepage, but Dave Sifry and Kevin Marks have since fixed it up for me:

I'm publishing Workbench, and Cruel Site of the Day with my own PHP/MySQL code and choosing stories for the Drudge Retort with my own PHP/MySQL aggregator.

At some point, I'm going to mash all of these little coding projects together and release a weblogging tool.

Don't matter what you're coding brother, you didn't vote for Bush and your code is flawed!

For best results injected yourself into Technorati, you should ping Technorati...



Thanks. I'm getting Technorati by hitting Ping-o-Matic.

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