Look, Ma, I'm on TeeVee

On a recent episode of CSI: NY, one of the bit characters looked so familiar that I couldn't think about anything else until I figured out who it was.

When I realized who I had seen, I was so haunted by the experience that I wrote an article about him for TeeVee.

If you're unfamiliar with the site, you've missed eight years of funny, snarky writing by a group of television obsessives that includes Jason Snell and Greg Knauss. How this site never made them rich, even during the years in which the stock market threw millions at lightweights like TheGlobe founders, is a mystery to me. At the very least, they should be thousandaires.



Thousandaires? lol that's pretty funny. I've never heard anyone say that.

Forgive or Forget. I just salvaged the holidays with a critical hit. Alot of expensive flowers are gonna be bought and delivered in the next 24.

Celebrating now.

Consequently, I can't remember my arrow.

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