David Brock, founder of the liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America, has written a letter urging Creators Syndicate to dump Samuel Francis, the columnist who condemned interracial relationships as abnormal and immoral:

We strongly condemn the clear bigotry in this column and assume that newspaper editors across the country feel the same way, as a search of newspapers available on Nexis revealed that none have chosen to run the column. Regardless, Creators' willingness to distribute such abhorrent views calls into question the syndicate's ethical and editorial standards.


Sounds like Mr. Brock is pretty close-minded for founding a "liberal" watchdog group. Does the First Amendment only apply to people who think like he does?

The First Amendment has nothing to do with this. Samuel Francis doesn't have a constitutional right to be distributed by Creators Syndicate.

All Brock is encouraging people to do is tell Creators that you find Francis' views to be abhorrent. That's an exercise of free speech.

Better example: Dixie Chicks. A lot of people didn't like what they had to say about Bush, and organized against them by calling on radio stations to boycott them.

What happened? Everyone started screaming and yelling about people trying to trample on the rights of the Dixie Chicks. BZZT! Wrong answer. Those people were exercising their free speech rights.

This is exactly what's happening in this case. However, I doubt that people advocating that view now were on the side of the people protesting the Chicks.

so in other words, you and your wapo buddy are completely wrong and bush broke no tradition. excellent research, dude...

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