The Incredible Shrinking Server

I spent some time this afternoon compacting the seven Frontier databases that hold the weblogs on Buzzword.Com. Weblog publishers should see improved performance on page loads and other requests.

Also, I have added two links to the sidebar that help promote weblogs on the server: top 100 rankings and a list of recently updated weblogs. I suspect that the latter needs some more debugging. Weblogs should appear on the list within minutes of being updated.

Buzzword users: If you'd like to help bring more search engine traffic to sites in the free weblog community, add these two links to your site's blogroll. Google has been slow to restore the page rank of weblogs since the move from Weblogs.Com, so I'm looking for ways to promote active sites with more links.

To make changes to a Manila site's blogroll, log in and click the Edit button below the list of links.

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