God Bless Ronan Tynan

The only thing I miss about the Yankees' absence from the playoffs is the performance of "God Bless America" by Ronan Tynan. Having him perform so often and so well at Yankee Stadium reminds me of the Philadelphia Flyers bringing out Kate Smith to sing it as a good-luck charm.

The U.S. could significantly reduce noise pollution by making "God Bless America" the national anthem. I endure 500 excruciating renditions of the "Star-Spangled Banner" a year on streaming baseball games. Only in the cacophony of battle could someone think that such a jarring collection of notes constitutes music.

Tynan, described as "renowned Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan" so often it sounds like his legal name, has a personal story I'd never heard in spite of these performances. He's a double amputee, physician, and Paralympics athlete who began singing seriously at age 33.


The song "God Bless America" is godawful and Ronan Tynan's 75-bleeping-minute rendition of it is just indescribably bad. "America the Beautiful" is a song. "God Bless America" is for a theocracy.

With Respect to Joe Rosenthal's comments, I would happily buy him an airline ticket to a Middle Eastern country, where he can live and realize what it is like to live in a society absent of God's best standards....let him live elsewhere, where can realize just how good he has it here and just how much this country is blessed by God. People like Joe, who whine as he does, seem to conveniently forget that in many other countries, just such a statement would land him in jail. The glorious part of this country is that freedom of speech is granted even to idiots like Joe!

I couldn't agree with Daniel any more...

I am discusted with Joe's comment. I actually hit this site because I am looking for that song on the web or on CD specifically song by Tynan. I find his voice amazing and it sends chills down my spine every time I hear it.

SSgt Robert A Balfe

ps. I will pay for the plane ticket. :)

I had the pleasure of being in the company of Ronan Tynan last Thursday (9/15/05). In fact I sat right next to him. What a thrill. He talked for about 35 minutes and sang two songs. He was simpily put...amazing. I have his new cd, Ronan and it's great.

I also hit this site in the midst of trying to find "God bless America" by Ronan Tynan (and I'm Canadian). I just love the sound of it when Ronan sings it. I totally agree with SSgt Robert A Balfe. Each and every time I hear Ronan perform the anthem it literally sends chills down my spine. It's especially emotional because of the fact Ronan began singing it immediately after 9/11 at all of the NY Yankees games. As a matter of fact, I just got finishes watching Ronan perform it again before the start of the Ottawa Senators/Buffalo Sabres game in Buffalo here tonight May 11/06.

I totally agree with SSgt Robert A Balfe, his voice gives me the chill because his voice is just amazing, i cant see how joe doesent like him.

P.S. joe you have problems with taste buds in music

Does ronan get paid to sing at Yankee stadium? and if so..how much?

I want to pitch in and help buy that plane ticket for Joe. God Bless America no matter who sings it. Even the worst voice singing this song is better then listening to Joe.

yankees not making the playoffs? Where have you been for the last 12 years? Must be a boston fan..Ronin is just fantastic

I am surprised that I would make a comment on any performance like
this, but if Ronan Tynan is performing any where near San Francisco
I would love to see him sing.

Joe Rosenthal is a peanut...maybe drink some carrot juice, do something, I don't know.

So who runs New York? Ronan Tynan is being hounded just because he said something about two women - prospective neighbours! Perhaps it was because they were loud-mouthed, and had nothing to do with races of people. It can happen.
Now he no longer sings at matches but perhaps a new beginning is a good thing.
What about the poor Palestinians?

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