After the Boston Red Sox defeated the Curse of the Bambino last night by a score of 10 to 3, Nike aired this Fenway Park 1919 commercial to celebrate the achievement.


Actually, the curse involves winning the World Series - not just the Pennant.

The curse lives - you'll see.


As noted above: The Curse of The Bambino is what prevents the Bosox from winning a World Series.


Yeah, they came back and did what had never been done before in baseball, and they did it to the Yankees, and at Yankee Stadium, no less.


But this does not lift The Curse. It may given the Redsox Nation a boatload of joy, and good for them. This is like when they got all excited about winning the wild card. As was duly noted: they were celebrating their vaunted securing of second place.

The Cardinals have exerience in beating the Red Sox in the Fall Classic. Look at it this way: if the 1986 Mets could host the moment in which the Boston Red Sox defeated themselves due to the enduring power or The Curse, think of how Tony LaRussa and company will deal with these cursed gang of idiots (as they like to call themselves)!!

There is no curse. It was invented by Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe. The Red Sox nailed the Yanks and swept the Cards... so even if there was one, its gone now.

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