UserLand Buzzing with Improvements

In the past six weeks, UserLand Software has released more than 14 updates to Manila, the server software running all of the weblogs on Buzzword.Com. I added these updates today and they appear -- tempting fate here -- to be running properly.

UserLand Product News describes these changes, which improve the performance of the software, swat bugs, and add a few new features. Here are the upgrades most noticeable to weblog publishers:

  • On a discussion board, message subject length has been increased from 60 to 255 characters and the new message subject field has been widened.
  • A weblog's shared news aggregator can read newsfeeds in the Atom format in addition to RSS.
  • The performance of Manila RPC has been improved, making it easier to update weblogs with third-party software that employs this interface such as Daniel Berliner's Archipelago weblog editor.

I have around a dozen e-mails from Buzzword users looking for help with problems running the software. I'll be working on them here and on the Manila customer support forum, the best place to get the attention of UserLand developers.

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