Get Your Browser War On

Writing for eWeek, columnist Jim Rapoza believes that Microsoft's XP-only security upgrade to Internet Explorer will send millions of users to other browsers, making the browser market competitive again:

For the first time in years, IE's market share has dropped slightly. But I predict that this trickle will soon become a full-fledged torrent.

In fact, I fully expect that, a year from now, IE's market share will be below 75 percent.

I've been using Firefox for a while, finding it vastly superior to Internet Explorer. The browser opens pages in new tabs rather than new windows, can bookmark all open pages with a single bookmark, and offers keyword shortcuts that can initiate searches on any site from the browser's address bar.

For example, I can type find Microsoft Bob to load a Google search results page for the text Microsoft Bob and info Sinclair Lewis to view pages related to the author on the InfoPlease reference site. A shortcut can be set up for any Web site where search terms appear in a page URL.


I used to play around with opera but had issues with everything trying to use IE. I'll have to get off my lazy butt and give firefox a shot. It seems to be coming up in the world.

Hope you don't mind a site link.

Internet Exploder is an ActiveX security nightmare - I use Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Love the RSS support in both. And the extensions for Firefox are excellent.

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