Buzzword.Com: Down But Not Out

Buzzword.Com has been experiencing server outages this week, but should be back online and fully operational.

I'm still learning about the care and feeding of a Manila server. For the most part, it looks after itself, even to the point of rebooting automatically after a crash. If you can't bring up a site on the server, check back in 10-15 minutes and it should be back online.

This wasn't the case earlier this week: A conflict between Microsoft Internet Information Server and Manila caused all sites to be inaccessible for more than a day. I wasn't aware of the problem until I got an e-mail from the publisher of Teardrop Times.

When I begin deleting the inactive weblogs that were never updated after the initial It Worked! post, I expect to see performance improvements to the server for active sites.

Anyone who needs to notify me about a future outage should send me an e-mail on Workbench. This weblog's on a separate server, so it should be available even when Buzzword.Com go boom.

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