Editing Blogroll Links in Manila

A joke from 2cents, a long dormant site hosted on Buzzword.Com:

An old fellow was snoozing away contentedly when he was startled awake by the doorbell. He staggered off the couch to make his way to the door. There stood a gorgeous young woman. "Oh my goodness," the pretty young thing exclaimed, "I'm at the wrong house." "Sweetheart, you're at the right house," the old guy assured her. "But you're forty years too late."

As this is being written, a UserTalk script is plodding slowly through the 3,025 weblogs on Buzzword.Com, adding four links to each site's blogroll: Workbench, Buzzword.Com, Scripting News, and UserLand. You can check this out by visiting 2Cents.

This is a one-time change and there's no requirement for users to keep the four sponsor links in order to enjoy free hosting. Here's how to remove links from a Manila site's blogroll:

  1. Log in to your weblog. The home page reloads with editing features turned on.
  2. Click the Edit button below the list of links. An Edit Navigation Links page opens with an editing form containing your blogroll, a feature that Manila calls navigation links. (screenshot)
  3. To remove a link, select its Delete checkbox and click the Update button.

The form also can be used to add new links and change the order in which they are displayed.

Blogroll links are the unit of currency in the attention economy of weblogs, forming communities around common interests. As soon as I solve a nagging bug, Buzzword News will publish links to the most popular and recently updated weblogs on the server.

I'm hoping this helps call attention to the server's weblogs, which may have been languishing in traffic due to a lack of Google PageRank. Since the move from Weblogs.Com, it appears that Google has yet to carry each site's old rank to its new address, so they still have a PageRank of 0.


Great joke and it is always nice to know how to remove unwanted links :)

What might be done?... about the mischievous links that appear


Hi Roger -- buzzword.com appears to have gone again :( I'm a bit upset as I imagine the others are... 3 days? The domain appears to have disappeared off the net... I hope you're all right and this hasn't happened due to some terrible illness you've succumbed to...


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