Becoming Part of the Entourage

I don't catch much series television these days, but I'm making an exception for Entourage, the new HBO comedy about a hunky simpleton making it big in Hollywood and bringing his childhood friends from Queens along for the ride.

The show has a sly, unforced style that works really well -- no laugh track, no short scenes that exist just to deliver a joke a la Friends, no hurry to tell a story -- and a premise that's naturally funny. Three feckless hangers-on make a living sponging off their pal, fending off challenges to their authority in the form of agents, managers, and a procession of blisteringly hot girlfriends.

There's also a killer cast led by Jeremy Piven as Ari, a ruthless, verbally aggressive agent who gets all the best lines. (One, "let's hug it out, bitch," is becoming a catch phrase.)

Watching this show makes me long for my own posse.

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