Obscure Problem on TypePad

I'm helping James Romenesko move one of my favorite weblogs, Obscure Store and Reading Room, to Movable Type hosting on TypePad. He's been hand-editing with HTML for years and decided to make things easier with a content-management system.

The weblog offers two kinds of daily content, full entries with descriptions and a "plus" section of headline-only items, and presents six days on the home page. I haven't found a way using Movable Type's standard template tags to accomplish this layout.

The full entries and headline-only entries are given their own categories, Main and Plus. I can stack several days of Main entries easily with this template code:

<MTEntries category="Main" lastn="35">
<div class="datetext">Posted <MTEntryDate format="%A, %B %d, %Y"></div>
<p><a href="<MTEntryKeywords>"><b><MTEntryTitle></a></b><br>

What I can't do is present the Plus items at the end of each day. The closest I have come, on the development site, is placing them after all of the Main items.

I could handle this with Brad Choate's terrific SQL plugin on a Movable Type installation, but TypePad doesn't support user-installed plugins.

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