I Am Not Eligible to Win

Movable Type 3.0 enhances the software's support for plugins, components written in Perl that add functionality such as weather information, author credits, and even direct MySQL access.

With version 3.0, Movable Type can manage plugins, adding links to documentation and configuration pages on the Main Menu page. There's also a new callback system that enables plugins to be called when data is loaded or stored, a feature that sounds a lot like the hooks I've been using to extend the functionality of Radio UserLand.

Because plugins must be written (or upgraded) to work with Movable Type 3.0, Six Apart has offered $20,000 in prizes for a plugin developer's contest. Entries must be received by July 6.

I had an idea for a contest entry this weekend, but I've been felled by an unexpected provision in the contest's eligibility requirements:

Residents of Florida are not eligible.

Does anyone know what we did wrong?


You have too much sun and they are jellous? ;-)

Maybe they are holding a grudge after the 2000 elections ;-)

That's a real bummer. I like MT but the new pricing model and now my instant disqualification has me licking my wounds.

It's probably just an East Coast-West Coast thing, like the way they forced Anil to move to California.

State contest laws. I found a page (published a year ago) about state requirements for registration and bonding that said the following about Florida:

"Florida. Where residents of Florida are permitted by contest rules to enter a promotion, Florida requires that the game be registered and bonded where the aggregate value of all prizes to be awarded exceeds $5,000. Failure to comply with this registration requirement is a second-degree misdemeanor and carries a civil punishment of $1,000 per violation."

"Game sponsors also must either establish a trust account or secure a surety bond in the aggregate amount of the monetary value of the prizes offered and submit proof of such account or bond at least seven days prior to the launch of the promotion."

The article also says New York has similar contest registration and bonding requirements. If registration and bonding was indeed the reason for excluding Florida residents, New York residents probably should have been excluded as well.

Thanks -- I figured that there was some arcane provision of Florida law that spoiled our fun.

This law can probably be traced back to some series of scams taking money from the elderly population. Blame the old folks, it's always their fault!

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