Weblog Returns from Vacation

For the last several years, Rod Kratochwill has been weblogging from Florida in memory of his wife Cynthia, who died in a 2002 car accident in St. Petersburg. He's using his weblog to provide an ongoing account of the grieving process, documenting his present experiences with online support groups and revisiting the past.

One of the sites on Weblogs.Com was EuropeTrip, their travelogue of a family vacation to the Czech Republic:

Back in the year 2000 Cindy and I got to take a trip to Prague with my sister and brothers. We went in June and it was a beautiful Prague Spring. Back in those days there weren't any moblogs or cell phone cameras even though we wished there were. Brother Larry did have a digital camera and we brought our old fashioned film cameras to record our trip. We did have access to blogs back then including the one we set up on Weblogs.com. Thanks to the generosity of Dave and the folks at Userland we were able to visit the local Internet cafes to post updates while we were there so family and friends at home could follow along on our trip.

Missing the site, Kratochwill jumped on the new server after the move. Reading about his experience raises a question: How many other stories are hiding in the 20 databases, 3,000 sites, and 50,000 pages that made up Weblogs.Com?

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