Tuning in to Radio's wavelength

Computer book reviewer Thomas Duff has covered Radio UserLand Kick Start, my unofficial manual for the software.

Because Duff doesn't use Radio to publish his own weblog, his interest in the subject is mostly academic, but I appreciate the scrutiny. Radio's extremely tough to categorize. Though most people think of it as a weblog editor and newsreader, Radio's actually an innovative Internet development environment with a built-in object database, scripting language, and content management system. The weblog and RSS features are just two examples of the kinds of applications you can create with the software, criminally underpriced at $39.95.

When one of my editors at Sams was still mystified by Radio after reviewing a dozen chapters of the manuscript, I added a new Chapter 1, Tuning In to Radio UserLand, simply to explain why I'm so geeked about the software. I put the chapter online this morning, and I hope that people who are curious about Radio will give it a read, even if they have no intention of publishing with the software.


I ordered, read and reread your book. It's a fine introduction to this unique software. Moreover, your Workbench is a marvelous tool. I'm new to blogging, but over the past month, you've been a good teacher! I've learned a lot and continue to learn more each day. Thanks for all your hard work and effort -- and mostly, your love for weblogging as a communications tool. It shows!

Thanks, Robert.

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