Open mouth, insert blog

I awoke this morning to discover that one of my favorite liberal webloggers, Markos Zuniga of Daily Kos, has been publicly delinked by the John Kerry campaign for horrible remarks he made about the American contractors killed in Fallujah.

I suspect this will become the Sister Souljah moment of the 2004 election and an albatross around the neck of Zuniga, poised to become a big-time political consultant with Armstrong Zuniga, a firm he established with Jerome Armstrong of MyDD and Rusty Foster of Kuro5hin as an "Internet strategy group" for candidates.

Zuniga's one of the most popular webloggers on the planet, as you can see in this traffic ranking. I've been in awe of his ability to turn a modest one-man political weblog into a passionate community of activists and fund-raising machine.

I don't foresee how his credibility recovers from saying something that made politicians run away from him as fast as they can. But at least he has a media empire of his own, which gives him a chance to make good.

This looks like a head-on collision between the immediacy of weblogs, where authors have license to say whatever the hell they please, and the take-no-prisoners world of politics, where someone as powerful as Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott can lose his position over an ill-advised comment at a birthday party.


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