Creating text date links in Radio

While redesigning Workbench, I learned that Radio UserLand macros can be used in customized images for permalinks and other icons.

Using this feature, I created text-only date links:

  1. Change the Day Level Permalink field to <%longDate%>
  2. In the Day Template, remove the <%longDate%> macro.
  3. Add an <%archiveLink%> macro to the template.

The macro will be replaced by the long version of the date, linked to a daily archive page.


Thanks Rogers. That's looks good.

I'm going to be using that tip when I get around to fixing up my Radio pages.

I've noticed in my browser that your pages come up with no bookmarkable Title. I can see why: Title should be before the close of head, not after, right? Maybe WinIE ignores this and gives a Title?

As far as I can see, my TITLE tags are in the right place -- between the opening HEAD and closing HEAD tag. What pages are you seeing no titles for?

c nul ton truc

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