Spammer bites Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal profiles Orlando Soto, deeply satisfied customer of spam:

Mr. Soto's daily spamfest starts after he gets home from his $40,000-a-year job as a building supervisor at NYRE Management, a real-estate firm that runs Manhattan apartment buildings. After dinner with his wife, he sits down in the leather chair in his home office and starts opening spam. He typically goes through 50 spam pitches before he finds one that's enticing, he says. He then pores over the pitches he has culled, winnowing them down to the must-haves.

Mylene Mangalindan's story takes at face value the claim that Soto has filled his home with products bought from unsolicited e-mail. At the end, Mangalindan offers an oh-by-the-way: Soto's an Internet pornographer and a spammer himself.

Looking at Orlando Soto's Web site, which shills spam broadcast software and other dubious products, do you think that might have some bearing on his claim to love spam?


Unrelated comment:

My aggregator is down at the moment, so I hit your "real" site and saw the picture change. It makes you look younger than the previous...


Thanks. I did some funky lomo-filter tricks in PhotoShop that bring weird colors into a photo from the edges inward. As a side effect, it gave me a digital dyejob worthy of Donald Rumsfeld.

Oh yeah, I see the difference now that you point it out. Do the funky lomo-filter, get down with your bad self!

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