New Radio tool: Workbench.root

I have released the first beta version of Workbench.root, a Radio UserLand tool offering simple scripts that extend the functionality of the software.

My goal is to offer a bunch of scripts that Radio UserLand users of all skill levels can put on their Web pages and Web site template files.

The first release offers two scripts:

  • Workbench.viewCategoryLinks, a script that displays a list of links for all of your weblog's public categories.
  • Workbench.viewPostIndex, a script that displays a list of your weblog's entries in reverse chronological order, like the one I offer on Workbench.

Users of my old workspace.viewPostIndexes script will find that this version has been improved. It updates all of your post index pages each time you publish a new weblog entry instead of updating them once per day.


Great tool. Thanks for making it. So, is there no way to include both Stories and posts in one comprehensive archive list?

I downloaded this tool, created a stories page on my blog entitled "Site Index", at this address:
and put the macro into the body of the stories page, but it merely renders the name of the macro without running it. I'm sure this is an ignorant question, but how do I get Radio to run the program and render the index? Where should I put the macro? Thanks!

OK, I looked at your directions again and I think I understand now. I need to create a new template for the story page where I am locating the index, and insert your macro into the template so it gets executed, rather than putting it in the body of the page where it just gets rendered as HTML. Is that right? I'll try it and see how it works.

Subdued, I think if you click the "Source" radio button at the bottom of the page, then insert the code - it should work A-OK. It looks like you've inserted it in the WYSIWYG interface.

The viewPostIndex() script lists your weblog entries, not stories. To get a feel for how it works, save the file posts.txt in Radio's www folder, then watch your Events log to see how it is upstreamed to your weblog.

Thank you, that worked, and it looks great.

Though interestingly the page that is rendered is a sort of variation from the homepage template, including only the navigator links along the left-hand column and omitting various other links and items that I have added to my homepage template.

Yep -- #homepageTemplate.txt is used on the home page and weblog archive pages; #template.txt is used on everything else. If you would prefer to render the posts index page just like the home page, edit posts.txt and add this line right below the #title line:

#flHomePage true

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